Vastu For Upper Floor

Vastu For Upper Floor

1. The first floor should be built only in the south-west region, leaving the eastern and the northern part open. If the building is of two or three floors it is not necessary. The balconies should be in the east or the north sides.

2. On the first floor, only the bed rooms, study rooms, etc. of older people should be located. Waste storage or lumber room should not be on the first floor.

3. The first floor rooms should have doors and window in the east and the north direction. A big window in the north-west direction is very beneficial.

4. The height of the rooms on the first floor should not be more than that of the rooms on the ground floor. No construction should be done in the north-east comer of the first floor. A balance is fine.

5. If the roof of the room on the first floor is slightly tilted towards the east or the north, it is beneficial. The colour of the first floor rooms should be light blue or green. The flooring on the first floor should be slightly slanting towards the east or the north.

6. Outlet for rain water should be in the east, the north or the north-east corner of the first floor.

7. The first floor rooms should never have balconies in the south or the south-west directions. There is no harm if the balcony is constructed leaving the south-west corner if balconies in these directions are unavoidable.