Plots in Relation to Roads

Positioning of Plots in Relation to Roads

Direction to which the plot is facing, i.e. the position of road as per the principle of Vastu Shastra, determines the value of site. And sites are classified according to the number and direction of the roads it is facing

The plot with roads on all the four sides is the best. Itis known as Bramha Stavam. If the roads in the north and east are lower than the plot, it will have an added advantage. The persons living in such plots enjoy progress in health and wealth. If such a place is on the north-east side of the layout plan then it results in tremendous increase in wealth, knowledge and commerce.

The plots with roads in east, north and west and the roads on north and east are lower than that on the west are equally good; progress is very rapid. Business flourishes, If there are roads on the east, the north, and the south• west comer higher in level then north-eastcomer It will produce better result.

Plots with roads on the east, the west and the south direction result in the persons staying there flourishing and becoming well known. And if the financial aspects or business is handled by the female member, it leads to special progress.

In the plots with roads towards north and east with north-east comer extendingfurther towards north or east and the roads lower than the level of site and sloping towards north-east comer and level of the site higher at the south-westcomer (as shown in the above figure), the person living there gets the opportunities for new business and becomes famous and prosperous.

The plot having roads in north and west with north-west corner extending further towards north or east with the level of the roads in the west side and south-west comer of the plot higher than north-east also belongs to this category, as shown in the above figure. The person living in them finds an increase in wealth. However, the money is blocked at unnecessory places.

The plot having roads on the east and the west sides gives the prosperity to the people living there. Sad and bad periods do not last long.

Person living on the plot having roads on the north and the west and the south sides, are happy and prosperous. They never take mterest in social work. If the roads on the east and the north sides are having downward slops towards the north-east cornerand upward slop towards the souih-east,the south-west and the north-west sides, the plots of such types are very auspicious.

The plot having roads in the south and the west side and having slop downwards in the south-east and the north-west direction, results in business flourishing.

The plots having roads on the south and west side and the slop towards the south-west direction are peculiar There is rapid progress inbusiness but the business comes to a standstill after ten or twenty years.

The plot having roads on the east and the south side of a plot, gives the people living there happiness and enjoyment. Such people spend a lot of money in enjoyment and entertainment.

The plot having road on the east side only is very auspicious; the person living there gets prosperity.

The plot with road on the west side, as shown in the above figure, leads to progress very quickly in business, but once this period is over, the downfall starts.

The plot having road on the north stde, as shown in the above figure,gives prosperity to the persons living there. Their wealth increases.

The plots having roads on the north and the south sides result in a prosperous life to the people living there (as shown in the above figure). However instead of happiness, they have clashes, jealousy and enmity, etc.

If the roads around the plot are parallel to the building, they are beneficial. However if the roads are zigzag, the person has to face unwanted troubles and difficulties.

Some plots have the north and the south pole in the comers. It means that the principal directions are in the comer. The persons living on such plots find that success always slip out of their hands at the last minute. Some ambitious people, however, prosper more than their expectations. It gives troubles to their conscience that they have obtained the wealth by deceiving others.

The plots having road on the south side are good for the purpose of business dealings in ladies, articles and requirements. The persons living there are also advised to do business in entertainment and setting up accidental hospitals and hotel bars, etc.