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About Praveen Saanker

Mr.Praveen Saanker – Qualifications and Background

Sadhana - Meppad Sampradaya (Tantra Vidya, Vastu Shastram and Jyotisham)

Former Student of Tantra Vidya Peetam, world renowned ancient institution in Kerala for Tantra Vidya, Vastu Shastram and Jyotisham

PhD in Counseling Psychology, Canterbury University, ChristChurch

Masters in Psychology with specialization in Cognitive Studies, Canterbury University

Masters in Counseling, ( MSc – Counseling) Canterbury University

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist , National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc (Merrimack, NH, USA)

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute of India, Mumbai, India)

Advanced Hatha Yoga Practitioner & Teacher's Trainer ( Therapeutic) Certified by the Yoga Alliance USA. International Yoga Academy ( Hongkong), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and Tamilnadu State Physical Education Department

Professional Paranormal Investigator, Society for Paranormal Investigators, Paranormal Society World

Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Shastra & Energy Consultant

Mr. Praveen Saanker pursued his passion in the field of Vedic Sciences, Psychology and Psychotherapy through relentless intuition and understanding of the nuances of human behaviour, their energies, and structure right from early childhood.

Praveen dedicates most of his current professional success to his ancient family roots in Kerala and his early upbringing by his parents. Praveen Saanker comes from one of the reputed families in Kerala which has always given great importance to the study of traditional Vedic Sciences and he uses his knowledge to spread the teachings of ancient Indian Heritage through ultra- modern scientific techniques.

Ever since his initiation into “Tantra Vidya Peetam” as a child (An Ancient institution for the study of Jyothisham, Prasna Jyotisham and Vastu Shastra in Kerala) Praveen Saanker's fervour for learning the intricacies of Vedic Sciences had no bounds. Praveen later got initiated into the Meppad Mantrika Sampradaya which is one of the oldest and most powerful Mantrika Sampradayas of ancient Kerala, particularly North Kerala. Meppad follows “Kaula” philosophy through “Brahma Vidya Sampradaya”, which is the path to Nirvana. Meppad was also famous for Astrology and Ayur veda treatment during the ancient days.

Praveen Saanker has impressive experience as a renowned Energy Consultant and enjoys strong reputation in the field of Vedic Astrology, Indian Vaastu Shastra and Feng-Shui. His expansive qualifications span across the sciences of Vaastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology and Therapeutic Yoga. Praveen Saanker is an Advanced Hatha Yoga Practitioner (Therapeutic) and is certified by the Yoga Alliance USA, International Yoga Academy ( Hongkong), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and Tamilnadu State Physical Education Department.

Currently a Personal Fiduciary Advisor, Psychotherapist, Corporate Consultant, Coach & Trainer, Praveen pursued his Post-Graduation in Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Behavior from the Prestigious "University of Canterbury"; and later a "Masters in Counseling" from same University. Apart from his strong credentials as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Praveen Saanker is an accomplished Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Expert with commendable experience and exemplary educational qualifications on the subject from the "National Guild of Hypnotist", Merrimack, New Hampshire and the "California Hypnosis Institute of India". His honed abilities in the works relating to human energies at higher levels of metaphysical consciousness and the external entity space have earned him impressive accolades in the field of parapsychology.