Results Of Depressions In Plots

Results Of Depressions In Plots

1. On the plot, where a house is to be built, if the east side is low the owner enjoys long life, health and wealth, strong constitution, respect from higher-ups and immense pleasure.

2. If the ground is low on the south-east side, there will be fear from foes and enemies, the owner involves himself/herself in sinful deeds and suffers from mental worry.

3. If the south side is low, the owner suffers always from loss of health and wealth and is threatened by fear of death. If one lives in a house built on such a plot, one loses one's sons. Even if a temple is built on such a plot where the south side is low, the temple will meet with destruction.

4. If the south-west is low, the inhabitants will have to face loss of wealth and most often suffer from diseases and fear of demise.

5. If the west is low, wealth and agricultural produce will perish. Such a plot causes melancholy and destruction of family.

6. If the north-west is low, the number of enemies increases; kith and kin perish, women perish, the owner pines away owing to a lot of worry and suffers from indigestion.

7. If the north is low, the owner commands good respect in society, gets profit, his progeny thrives, his desires are fulfilled and he enjoys luxurious life.

8. If the north-east is low, the owner will lead a pleasant life, enjoying the company of a happy family, get wealth and his family flourishes by leaps and bounds.

9. If the central part is low, everything is lost.