Vastu For Shapes and Sizes of Plots

Vastu For Shapes and Sizes of Plots

Square plots

Plots whose length equals their breadth are called square plots. These types of plots are believed to be very lucky and prosperous, and invite happiness in one's life. The Vaastu Purush fits very easily within square plots. However, since plots of this shape are very rarely available, one can instead make their rooms in this proportion.

Rectangular plots

The length of these plots is bigger than their width, and their corners have 90-degree angles. These types of plots are very prosperous; their Vaastu layout can be designed easily. One should take care that the length and width should be within the ratio of 2: 1, ie, the length should not be more than the double of the width. If the length is more than double the width, the occupants of that plot do not get a regular flow of energy. Such plots also create disagreements within the family. In some cases, a rectangular plot is created by divisions in the family, where the plot is cut and divided along its length.

Triangular plots

These are three-sided plots, with 45-degree angle corners, Although triangular plots are very rare, one should not purchase them even if they are available. Plots of this shape can cause a great many problems in all aspects of one's life, and residents of such plots are always in trouble.

Corner-cut plots

Areas where one corner of the plot is not parallel to the other corners or the sides of a plot are not of a regular shape are not considered good. Building a structure on such a plot is not at all auspicious, as these types of plots cause restlessness, financial crunches and a flood of diseases. Vaastu defects in these plots, however, can be rectified by diverting the flow of subtle energies.

Circular plots

These plots are very rare but extremely good for attracting wealth and prosperity. Circular plots bring overall growth in the lives of its occupants.

Oval plots

These kinds of plots are very inauspicious, and lead to big losses in life.

Semicircular plots

A D-shaped plot is considered very inauspicious and, like oval plots, bring financial problems in life.

Gomukh plots

In these types of plots, the width of their front side is less than that of the back. These plots are good for residential use, and should not be used for commercial purposes. However, one must take care that a gomukh plot does not face the North, as this results in a shortening of this auspicious direction. Such plots are even then not good for residential purposes.

Singhmukh plots

In these kinds of plots, the width of their front side is more than that of the back. These plots are not good for residential purposes, but are acceptable as commercial establishments.